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  • 16 Octubre 2017
Green bond finance and certification

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los Bonos Verdes.

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  • 13 Octubre 2017
Central bank cryptocurrencies

Taxonomy of central bank cryptocurrencies (CBCC).

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  • 04 Septiembre 2017
The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in the US: Evidence from corporate loan data

Keywords: Bank risk; monetary policy; US commercial banks; Total loans; New loans.

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  • 01 Septiembre 2017
How to Predict Financial Stress? An Assessment of Markov Switching Models

Bank topics: Business fluctuations and cycles; Central bank research; Econometric and statistical methods; Financial markets; Financial stability; Financial system regulation and policies; Monetary and financial indicators.

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  • 26 Julio 2017
Macroprudential policy and bank risk

Keywords: Macroprudential policies, effectiveness, bank risk.

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