• 14 Jue 2017
For corporate boards, a cyber security Top 10

Oversight should be grounded in sound management practices.

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  • 07 Jue 2017
Risk management implications of risk premium investing

Risk-efficient portfolios that seamlessly integrate traditional and alternative investments?

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  • 30 Mié 2017
Bernoulli and behavioural finance: Both wrong

The behavioral finance community has strong opinions about this clever problem, but risk professionals, as usual,

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  • 24 Jue 2017
MiFID threatens global market rupture without EU trading fix

Trillions in stock and derivative trades at risk over new EU rules.

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  • 23 Mié 2017
Stress testing: Present, past and future

How will the proposed capital buffer and leverage ratio changes impact banks capital planning and stress tests?

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