• 18 Lun 2017
How behavioral economics can elevate strategic risk management

Cognitive biases, such as a herd mentality, can lead to excessive risk-taking.

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  • 02 Jue 2017
When does volatility equal risk?

Behavioral Finance, Economics, Equity Investments, Performance Measurement & Evaluation, Portfolio Management.

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  • 09 Lun 2017
How behavioral analytics can reduce operational risks

Data-driven analysis of the actions of people can help mitigate unpredictable risks.

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  • 27 Mié 2017
Managing culture risk: A matter of FLOW

The key to good conduct and continuous performance improvement is more cultural than technological.

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  • 30 Mié 2017
Bernoulli and behavioural finance: Both wrong

The behavioral finance community has strong opinions about this clever problem, but risk professionals, as usual,

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