Forget default: deutsche reckons debt market risk lies elsewhere

Focus on liquidity has transformed principles of bond market.
  • 11 Octubre 2017

What’s in a word? A lot when it comes to the term “liquidity.”

For years, academics, investors and regulators have sparred over the meaning of liquidity, and the degree to which it’s said to have deteriorated in the marketplace. For many, it’s simply the ability to sell an asset without significantly affecting its price. To others it’s the hallmark of a healthy market, or the symptom of a disease brought on by “easy money” provided by central banks in the years since the financial crisis.

To Aleksander Kocic, derivatives strategist at Deutsche Bank AG, it’s something that has turned the world of fixed income on its head -- transmuting an age-old principle of debt and converting the world’s biggest market into something theoretically far more risky.

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