• 02 Mié 2017
Rethinking innovation and the fintech ecosystem

Ten points to consider for understanding the risks of new-generation technologies and strategic relationships.

  • 19 Mié 2017
Riesgos de invertir en bitcoins

La popularidad de las criptomonedas ha aumentado significativamente este año.

  • 10 Lun 2017
From U.S. regulators, some caution on fintech and blockchain

While receptivity to innovation has become a common theme, risks and pitfalls are never far from the surface.

  • 15 Jue 2017
Estos indicadores apuntan a una burbuja en Bitcoin y otras criptomonedas

¿Es Bitcoin un activo?

  • 08 Lun 2017
Disruptive technologies present opportunities for risk managers

The study found an apparent lack of awareness among risk professionals of their use of IT